Sarah Ann Birley (formerly Hartley, nee Plummer)


Sarah Ann Birley (formerly Hartley, nee Plummer)

Title: Untitled
Archive: ‘Portraits (HOL)’ K1194
Type: RP Ca. 1885 (at the Mount Earnslaw Hotel, Glenorchy)
Additional info: Sarah Ann Hartley arrived on the Otago goldfields in 1862 and built the first Mount Earnslaw Hotel at Simpsons Creek in 1863. She married Joseph Karley Birley and together they built and ran two further Mount Earnslaw Hotels at Glenorchy. Mother of Henry, Constance & Isabel Birley . . . . refer to other HOL Portraits.


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  1. Hello
    I am planning to write about Sarah Ann Hartley/Birley in a article about Otago goldfields women and and very interested in finding out if I can obtain a copy of this wonderful photo. I’d also like to make contact with whomever contributed the photograph. Thank you.

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