Obtaining Copies

Dart Valley

‘Historic Wakatipu’ does not reproduce for sale any of the material displayed in the galleries.  Many of the images are rare or historically significant and subsequently they can have considerable value attached to them. Understandably, the owner’s investment in that image needs to be protected. Copyright issues can still accompany early photographic material and ‘Historic Wakatipu’ has intentionally chosen not to become a retail site to negate the risk of infringing in this area.

No doubt there will be visitors to the site who will be eager to attain digital or hard copies of some of the photographs they see displayed. This may be for research purposes or just as a record for their own family history archives. Each contributor to the website has independently stated to what extent they are happy to share their donated material with the general public. Most are not averse to parting with a lower resolution scan of individual photos. While the contributor’s privacy and anonymity is always protected by ‘Historic Wakatipu’ we are happy to help facilitate this exchange of information between interested parties if required. 

In brief – If you have a particular interest in a photograph you see on display then feel free to contact us with any request you might have. Just tell us the gallery and image name and why it interests you. We will do all we can to help.

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