Photo Restoration

Macetown Wedding 1896

Many of the images displayed in the ‘Historic Wakatipu’ galleries have come from poor quality photographs and ephemera that has badly faded, discoloured or lost contrast over it’s lifetime. Much of the character or romance that is often associated with historic material can come from these age blemishes and so it is vitally important to work with them rather than mask them. 

As soon as the reason for an items deterioration has been determined (and remedied if possible) a scan of the document can be digitally repaired. In many cases, current photo restoration techniques enable even the oldest of photographic images to be brought back to life to as good as the original, if not better. The images on this page that record the Macetown wedding of mountain guide Henry Birley are a good example of this. 

If you have historic material to contribute to our archive that photo restoration would improve then we are happy to look at doing the work for you.

Macetown Wedding 1896

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