Mirror Pool - Glenorchy

‘Historic Wakatipu’ has been developed primarily as a portal at which the general public can view and display historic material from the Southern lakes region. Anyone with an interest in the area is encouraged to contribute to the database and they can do this in several ways. Firstly, you may like to allow individual items from your family albums or postcard collection to be digitally scanned and displayed within the image galleries. This could be a portrait image of an ancestor or a group of images that you have collected from the region. Alternatively, and just as importantly, you may be able to contribute to the pool of knowledge known about various images already displayed on the site. The blog facility attached to each image accommodates the recording of this information.

The geographic focus of ‘Historic Wakatipu’ is on the Southern lakes area from Lake Wakatipu through to Milford Sound. The numerous small towns and settlements along the old coach roads, railway line and gold trails accessing the lake are also featured in the galleries.

Images of early pioneers, exploration and mining, farming and the development of the locality as a tourist destination will account for much of the content.  There is also a strong emphasis on the early steamers plying the lake between Glenorchy and Queenstown.  A significant proportion of the images currently displayed on the site record in depth the scenic beauty of the area as it was captured on the back of early New Zealand postcards.

All images displayed in the galleries are reproduced directly from the original item and have been resized to a lower resolution to deter theft of the images. Watermarking is also added in some instances where contributors would like additional protection on their material.

If you would like to contribute to the database please contact us and we will make further arrangements with you on how this can be done.

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